Social Justice

social justice

think and pray

The Social Justice group at Wyong Baptist Church emerged officially in 2014, although the work of Justice has been a part of the church from it’s beginning. We aim to encourage everyone to think and pray and act on justice issues in our everyday lives. The promotion of fair-trade shopping, campaigning government, and awareness raising in the church and broader community are all ways we are starting to build momentum.Issues that are on the radar to start with are human trafficking, slavery, homelessness, and inequality both in Australia and overseas..

a call to justice

The Bible has many calls to Justice, and Jesus was clear that we are to love our neighbour as we would want to be treated. A quote from justice advocate Gary Haugen expands on this 

“For those neighbours around the world who are suffering injustice, we can’t say that we love them if we do not draw near and seek justice on their behalf. We must seek to rescue our neighbours with the dedication and urgency with which we would go about trying to rescue our own family or even ourself. In a world of injustice, loving intervention on behalf of the oppressed is simple obedience to Jesus’ most fundamental command to love our neighbour”.
Gary Haugen

Good news!

The great news is that there is a growing tide of change around the world that we can be a part of!! The Holy Spirit is empowering His people to shake off apathy and hopelessness, and instead be obedient to whatever role He has for them in this unfolding drama of freedom and love.

more info needed?

If you would like to learn more about the Social Justice group at WBC, please use the below link.