Megawots Seniors


We welcome anyone who has the freedom to join in our varied activities. These will probably appeal to an older age group who are “Empty Nesters” but we include anyone who is looking for friendship and some fun together. We love sharing experiences and meeting new people, so we always say, “Bring a Friend!” So make MEGAWOTS your ‘home’ in the Church!

We have four major planned activities each year which are advertised well in advance. But we encourage everyone to organise other impromptu outings and let everyone know the details – the more the better for fellowship

Our activities include:
Theme Nights eg Black & White
Dinners eg International cuisine
Outings eg Morpeth & Palm Beach
Walks & Bike Rides
Movies and Fundraisers for Bibles

Our Broader Role is to use our enthusiasm and numbers to support other ministries of the Church. We value every opportunity to contribute our talents and time as part of the broader church family.


For more information please email the church office via the link below