Like many ministries of Wyong Baptist Church, there are a number of women's activities for you to enjoy

Life Groups

Life groups are an important way to connect more deeply with people in our church and sometimes it is easier to attend a single gender Life group. We have a number of women’s growth groups available during the day or the evenings. For more information, please see your life groups page. 

PLay Time

 Playtime  runs  during the week (Thursdays) for women of young children. These groups are a great way to get to know women in a similar life stage in a child friendly environment.


From time to time, there other fun and social events on the women’s ministry calendar. This is simply to have fun together! Movie nights, coffee nights and other activities are just some of the possibilities for women to get together and have a good time. Over the past several years, we have hosted a weekend retreat. This has been a powerful time of God working and women getting to know each other deeply.

Need more information?

Please contact the church office to get the latest information about events, Life Groups and Play time.